Building the pp.c WordPress Theme

I guess the first step in having a blog is having it look right, something which is also a suitable topic for a first post.

That said, I embarked on building my own theme for WordPress last night, currently it is called “licious” (short for delicious) and is meant to be simple and clean.  The colour scheme is mostly greyscale with two shades of green thrown in to make it look that much more lively.  The dark panel on the right with the green text represents the colour scheme for the next suit that I am going to order from (Warren and David if you are reading this).

I am happy, because I finally got a chance to fire up Adobe Fireworks CS3, part of the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium which I forked out a fair amount of cash for a while back.  Before anyone asks, yes I did do all of the graphics myself (the boy is not completely without his uses it seems).  The code itself is a mostly hacked modification of the standard WordPress Kubrik theme which I took as the base.

Anyway, it’s about 90% there, with some work to do on the actual content area (this being my first real post means that I haven’t had a real chance to test it for bugs yet).  If of course anyone is out there reading and does spot a bug, do let me know – or at least let me know what you think of the design (but be nice).

One thing that is really annoying me is the way that the magnifying glass search button (the one on the right) is offset vertically by 1 pixel in Internet Explorer 7 on Vista (I don’t know if this is a problem with XP too).  Anyone who knows how to fix this please drop me a line.

And that’s it, my first post.

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