Without a doubt the iPod Touch is an amazing device but unfortunately the same cannot be said about the earphones that come in the box.

I have been described as a sound snob (aka audiophile) in the past but I must really ask why you would want to butcher your music like that?  Worse still, how could Apple, a company known for their high quality products, sell their device with such terrible earphones.

At first I thought the quality of my rips were to blame but digging up my old B&O A8 certainly produced a notable improvement – not enough for my liking though.  It seems my standards have gone up.  More isolation and an overall better representation of the sound would be a start. I know some would consider me a heathen but noise cancellation seems like a good idea given the time I spend on the tube. Being a little older and not caring so much what others think, I am not so worried about them not looking discrete either. I want cans, big yet practical, obvious yet gorgeous cans. Don’t get me wrong, they still need to be aesthetically pleasing – but only to me!

The current favourite is a pair of Monster Beats by Dr Dre. At £250 they are steep even by my standards but they do look gorgeous.

Of course, £250 means that they need to be robust and therein lies the problem – the bill of materials does not exactly suggest this to be the case. Their plastic construction would suggest that I’d be lucky if they even lasted a year.

Anyone else know of anything else worth looking at? Something at a more reasonable price point would be good….

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