Headphones part 2

Today I managed to convince a colleague to let me take his iGrado for a test drive. These are a pair of open-backed on-ear headphones that don’t have noise cancelling but got a rave review in What Hi-Fi.

The isolation on these is quite poor and given the sound leakage I hope that my fellow commuters are enjoying my music as much as I am! Whilst the evening crowd are quite tolerant of being disturbed, experience has taught me that morning commuters don’t take too kindly to disturbances.

Having said that they do sound absolutely gorgeous, very balanced and open tonally, keeping up the pace where other sets get muddy whilst still delivering a nice deep bass response. I thoroughly enjoyed their presentation of Missy’s Get Ur Freak On.

The only drawback, besides the leakage I already mentioned, would have to be the fact that they are not the most comfortable headphones that I have tried. In fact let me rephrase that, they are quite uncomfortable. My colleague insists that they become more comfortable with wear.

Definitely worth the £35 they cost but unfortunately falling short of my requirements. I guess the search continues…

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