Monthly Archives: November 2009

Another iTunes Gripe: Lossless or Lossy – is it really my choice?

Another post on an iTunes gripe. I bet you’re asking why I use a piece of software I dislike so much. Well, if it wasn’t for the close integration with the iPod, I probably wouldn’t. I know that there are other solutions for syncing an iPod but let’s be honest: none of them come close to the native support offered by iTunes. (more…)

How iTunes Could Be Better

I have a relatively simple question: how do I play all tracks which an artist has featured on as either the main artist or a contributing artist? (more…)

Head In The (Tag) Cloud

Following on from last weekend and the complete change in look and feel for, I decided to have a bit of spring (or rather autumn) clean this weekend. (more…)

Windows 7

I’ve been using Windows 7 on my home machines for a couple of weeks now. Let’s get things straight, whilst Microsoft’s latest and greatest is clearly an improvement over Windows Vista, it certainly hasn’t turned out to be the smoothest transition for me. (more…)


The weekend was spent designing a new theme for my blog with the working name Two-Point-Zero. I hope that you like it. (more…)