Head In The (Tag) Cloud

Following on from last weekend and the complete change in look and feel for PragmaticPerfectionist.com, I decided to have a bit of spring (or rather autumn) clean this weekend.

For the first time, I have introduced tag cloud onto the site.  Besides the code itself which was very simple, a tag cloud would be somewhat pointless if I didn’t sort out a semi-cohesive mechanism for metadata across my posts.  I now have 4 categories for my posts (which I hope to extend as need warrants) which are posts about this Blog and building or changing it, posts about what is going on in my personal life, posts (although I suspect mainly rants) about my work life and (at the moment) posts about gadgets and computing.  As well as these four categories I have tried to tag each of my posts with as many relevant tags as seems appropriate.

I find tag clouds fascinating because of their organic nature and find they make for a very interesting visual representation about a persons interests.  Currently, according to my tag cloud User Experience, my Blog, my iPod Touch and my Headphones are the most important things in my life – I wouldn’t say they were so we’ll see how this changes over time.

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