A Retrospective on 2009 and The Noughties

The end of the year, and indeed the decade is upon us. With just over an hour to go and I thought I’d quickly post a quick review.

I made a couple of resolutions at the beginning of the year which, as per tradition, I failed pretty miserably at. After 2 attempts at my driving test, I still don’t have a driving license and I didn’t post to my blog nearly as much as I would like to have. I did increase my collection of media, having purchased quite a few CDs, Blu-Rays, games and books. My practice of my faith still leaves a lot to be desired, although I would like to think that I made small steps in this area.

This year did take me completely by surprise in that I am a married man, sharing a flat and my life with a very special woman who I love, something I started dreaming of before the turn of the decade.

I started the decade 20 years old, a student living in London coming to the end of my degree, partying with some friends in a club in London. I finish the decade 30 years old, employed, wiser and surrounded by family. Life certainly is calmer and more relaxed. All in all I am a happy and content person and pray that I continue to be so.

The decade has seen me live in 2 countries and visit 7 countries for work or pleasure, having learnt one thing. Most people are innately good and besides small differences in location, language and culture, are pretty much the same no matter where you go.

I have learnt to give people a chance in the first instance but also learnt the hard way that if someone will disappoint you once, the chances are that they’ll disappoint you over and over. I’ve learnt that honesty is the best policy and pushed out every dishonest trait I have. I can’t really put my finger on what happened between the age of 25 and 30 which caused me to grow a conscience, but that and finding my faith again after being lost for so long are the two things I am most grateful for.

The decade also saw the loss of my paternal grandparents, two amazing people that despite growing distant from, certainly made quite an impact to my formative years.

I am still very much blessed to have the majority of my family around me, in good health, and with my marriage to be blessed with more amazing members of family who have I have come to respect and adore as my own.

It’s a short review but one that hopefully shows that life has caused me to move on and grow up. I hope that the next decade sees me continue my journey to become a better person and keeps here the amazing people I am blessed to have around me.

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