A Year Without a Post?

It’s hard to believe that I last wrote a blog post over a year ago.  And what a year it has been!  This post will act as a retrospective of 2010 as well as a general catch up.

My wife and I bought a house in January and eventually ended up getting the keys for it in July.  Most of July through to November was spent renovating it ready to live in and we pretty much did everything from moving doors, replacing flooring, re-plastering, replacing the kitchen and bathroom all the way to repainting in those busy three or so months.  I’d be lying if I said I had anything else on my mind at all during that time – really living and breathing this piece of work in every spare waking moment when I wasn’t at my day-job choosing this or that or agonising over what decision to take.  We moved into the house in late November and are now just a dining suite and couple of unpacked boxes away from finishing the inside.  Summer of 2011 should see us start the outside, sorting out the fences, gardens and the driveway.  That will leave just the garage to convert – and of course a mortgage to pay off!

Besides the house, the year saw my sister getting married and the family getting extended further – I pray that her marriage brings her and her husband every happiness.

What else happened? I can tell you what didn’t happen! I still haven’t passed my driving test, something I will do work very hard at in 2011. I am still smoking and worse not exercising.  these are two things I hope to work at in 2011, having smoked my last cigarette today (I know it’s already 2011 but I have to do this on my terms) and now the snow has cleared away and that I am living close by to my old running partner, I hope the running will start soon.

The wife and I also did some travelling, enjoying some time in Portugal, Spain and South Africa – South Africa being the biggest trip of the year and was lovely in terms of weather.

On the gadget front, my television got upgraded to a Sony 46″ LED Model and after much agonising I finally bought an 32GB iPhone meaning my entire music collection got re-sampled at a lower bit-rate.  The house was built such that the AV was installed properly with no visible wires – not bad after 10 years of being an surround sound nut.  I even managed to convince my wife to buy a smart-phone – an Android HTC Desire which she doesn’t seem to like very much – I personally think she’d prefer the iPhone myself.

Work seems to be going well but getting more and more busy by the day.  Otherwise I am going to sign off for now – and I promise not to leave it a year this time!

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