A 27″ Widescreen Perspective On The World

Exciting month as far as computer upgrades go.  Gone are the 20″ E207WFP monitor and MSI GeForce 7600GS graphics card for some new kit.

I am now the proud owner of a Dell Ultrasharp U2711 monitor, after much procrastination.  In the end it was a toss up between an Apple LED Cinema Display and the Dell that I ended up buying.  As lovely as the Apple display was with its incredible industrial design, I couldn’t bring myself to buy what would be an ultimately impractical glossy display, limited connectivity and truly designed-for-other-Apple-products product.  The Dell has the same panel although a CCFL backlight instead of the preferred LED, is far more adjustable, has lots more inputs and despite costing more, cost me less because I snagged a great deal from everyone’s favourite auction site.

I figured I would update the connectivity to my monitor too, trading in my budget consumer card for something which is a better professional option and would allow me to utilise the DisplayPort connectivity that my monitor offers and again snagged a great deal at everyone’s favourite auction site.  I have the NVidia Quadro NVS295 happily powering my display although I find DisplayPort a curious thing.

I now have my desktop running at the beautifully capacious resolution of 2560×1440 which is absolutely mind blowing at first but ok now that I have got used to it.  The monitor has fantastic colour, great contrast and doesn’t exhibit the colour shift at a small head movement of the previous one.

There are a couple of oddities though. Despite having the NVidia unified driver installed, my set-up insisted that I installed 180MB of new driver when installing the new card and my Windows Experience score has gone down due to the ‘Desktop Performance for Windows Aero’ going down – something I thought would have gone up (it seems that 3D gaming graphics score has gone up).  Not that I care too much about both of these I paid very little for the graphics card and it is still happily rendering my Aero desktop with all the effects and no lag.

Problem is I now have the upgrade bug and am wondering what to beef up next.  Time to replace the spinning platters for their modern equivalent?

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