A first escapade into online grocery shopping

A couple of weeks ago, a trip to Sainsbury’s landed us with a voucher – the kind that you get at checkout to convince you to buy more stuff next time you come in – for £10 off our first online shop.

We decided to go for it, but not without some thought to develop a strategy, which essentially consisted of sticking to items which don’t have a short shelf life (such as milk or yoghurt) as usually there is stuff which expires sooner than other stuff on the same shelf and I don’t trust them to pick out stuff which expires later, or stuff which is subjective in quality (such as fresh fruit and vegetables) because I don’t trust them or even expect them to know how we like our fruit or how large we believe reasonably sized cucumber should look. For this stuff we’d still go to the store.

Having a large store-room in our house means that we keep quite a supply of certain products which I seem to consume more than an average amount of: Ocean Spray Cranberry and Raspberry Juice, Coca Cola (in glass bottles) and Cadbury’s Twirl bars, and buying these in strangely large quantities means lugging them onto the trolley, through checkout to the car and then into the house we figured these would became prime candidates in our first foray into the world of online grocery shopping.

We picked a Saturday evening delivery because it was the cheapest at £3.50. Our £10 voucher now equated to £6.50 off our shop. I thought this was a bit cheeky having been spoilt by plenty of online shopping for which I only occasionally and begrudgingly pay delivery.

About 10 minutes before our chosen time-slot was due to expire, a call from the delivery driver told us that he is running slightly behind schedule and that he will be with us soon.

He turned up about 2 minutes late in the end and apologetically thrusted a £10 ‘We’re sorry we’re late’ voucher (or £6.50 if you factor in delivery charges) into my hands for not meeting the promised SLA. I thought this was very decent of him.

Everything was there, accounted for, and even sensibly bagged. The same products (including the 12 cartons of juice) I would have lugged from shelf to home without us having to leave our sofa. Very nice, made better I think by the very sensible strategy employed, and with another £10 voucher I may have to do it again.

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