YABR (Yet Another Blogging Reboot)

It really has been a long time, seems my last post was over 18 months ago on January 21st 2012.  Wow! That was 10 days before a particularly special event in my life, the birth of my daughter, and a whole other ton of stuff has happened since.

For reasons I cannot articulate I am desperate to write blog posts on a regular basis but fail to apply any real level of commitment to the task.

I am back at the same juncture that I have been at before, about to execute yet another blogging reboot and make a promise to myself, and to whoever comes here to read the same posts over and over because new ones aren’t being added, to write with far more regularity than I have in the past.

I think the only way I am really going to achieve this is by talking about everything which holds any interest for me, rather than filtering the stuff that I think people may be interested in reading about – so let’s give that a go.  I might even touch on some of the other stuff that has happened in the 18 months.

Coming soon… another post from me (hopefully).

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