Auto-generated Code with No Explanation

I have to start this post with a confession – I am a massive fan of Node.js.  Although I am not the biggest fan of the combinations of brackets, braces and semi-colons required to write code for Node.js, I think it is a massively powerful framework for building stuff.

I have recently been playing with Express which is a very cool Sinatra-like framework for building web-apps, allowing you to work with HTTP verbs and configuring ‘routes’ to handle requests.

I went through the tutorial to auto-generate an application template, which also includes the generation of a line in its app.js file which reads:


No matter how much I search, I cannot find what the ‘dev’ part of this actually means and what other values can be put here, meaning that my Google-fu is incredibly weak or the documentation is.  My vote is with the latter.

I recently read a blog post that claimed Javascript will become the dominant programming langauge in the enterprise.  However, the documentation around commonly used frameworks will need to substantially improve if this is to become true.

Until then, I am going to be venting here and trying harder with my Google-fu to find an answer to my seemingly simple question.

If anyone out there knows where I can get an answer please do let me know.

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