Monthly Archives: September 2013

IT, You ARE ‘The Business’

Talk of the business-IT divide is common. There is very little that happens now without the aid of technology so IT is now at the centre of everything that happens. Given that IT must always be involved why is it that the primary complaint is that this gap is widening with the IT and ‘the business’ becoming increasingly suspicious of one-another? (more…)

Architecture Standards and the Entrepreneurship Trend

There has been a recent trend that encourages entrepreneurship, or intrapreneurship to use a recently made up word, within the organisation. There is very little in the way of entrepreneurial activity that now happens without the aid of technology in the ‘new economy’. (more…)

Thinking About the People in Process Automation

I had a very interesting discussion recently that got me thinking about how to execute the move from largely manual workflow engine managed processes to largely/fully automated processes. This topic raises a number of interesting questions about where the human element fits into process design and evolution towards full automation. (more…)

Orchestration Proper

An expression I think is an absolute misnomer is Cloud Orchestration often employed by Cloud Resource Management platform vendors.

Orchestration, in my opinion, is configuration driven process execution which is flexible enough to control anything that has an (electronic) interface of some description as well as drop off into manual/human activities where necessary. Orchestration isn’t, in my opinion, limited, as in most Cloud Resource Management platforms, to a small set of hard coded processes for spinning up virtual machines, configuring a bit of virtualised network or provisioning some storage on a predefined datastore. (more…)