Monthly Archives: November 2013

Rationalisation != Optimisation

I know the title of this post is somewhat geeky and probably completely meaningless if you’ve never programmed a computer, and maybe even somewhat so if you have.  It says rationalisation is not the same thing as optimisation.  Although the natural thing for enterprise architects to want to do is to rationalise, rationalise, rationalise, with a view to optimise, some degree of caution should be practised when making the recommendation. (more…)

Draw Something

I have been an architect for some years now. This has led to the ability to express technical concepts with a reasonable level of clarity on a whiteboard without really thinking about what I am about to draw.

If you are ever unlucky enough to be interviewed by me, I will ask you to ‘draw for me the architecture (or part of one) that you played a part in defining’. (more…)

Real Time Business and the Wrong Question

I noticed an interested phenomenon this week.  In conversations with two groups within a supplier (or at least a sort of supplier) about two very different subjects my requirement for near real time updates was questioned. (more…)