Time for a Trainer Revolution

Those that know me well know that I am a massive trainer fan who spent most of his youth dreaming of the trainers I wasn’t allowed to have (for both financial and practical reasons). I certainly am not from the ‘they’re just a pair of shoes’ crowd and will often use superlatives to describe a trainer.

Having spent the last couple of years wearing through several pairs of Nike Dunks (and a pair of Adidas Decade), many of which were slowly wearing out, I had the perfect opportunity for a complete revolution in my choice of trainer style. I have decided to choose a more varied selection of shoes with a common theme in slightly more muted tones, rather than the same shoe in different (and particularly bright) colours as the last revolution.

The style I find myself gravitating towards were all originally released in the 80s and 90s and can broadly be categorised as technical running shoes. These shoes were all the height of running shoe technology at that time with many pairs having been reissued and modernised to use slightly newer technologies or design aspects. Below is my list for this next era.

Nike Lunar Pegasus 89

This pair will be my new ‘beaters’, or the shoes I wear most of the time without caring about keeping them looking perfect. They have a classic style and have been updated with new cushioning technology. I desperately wanted a pair of these in all white leather when I was younger so it is great to finally own a pair.

Nike Lunar Pegasus 89


Nike Lunar Safari Fuse

These were a gift from my brother, and got me started on the revolution. This shoe is a classic style that has been updated with the inclusion of a modern cushioning technology, a modernised fused upper and glow in the dark animal print. The bright ‘volt’ yellow is a nod to my less muted days.

Nike Lunar Safari Fuse Volt


New Balance for J.Crew 1400

This shoe is an absolute classic that has been recreated with subtle styling to make it into a very smart shoe suitable for going out where I can get away with not wearing shoes that are more formal. I got these from my brother’s trainer web store (Very Near Deadstock). This particular version is very hard to get hold of because it was made in very limited quantities. Sad as it may seem, but for me Steve Jobs made New Balance cool again.

New Balance for J Crew 1400


Puma by Hussien Chalayan Haast Disc

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Puma Disc technology. Having had a pair in the 90s, I really don’t understand why it hasn’t really taken off to replace laces once and for all. These are part of the Puma Black Label range and should be winging their way over the Atlantic Ocean as I write this. I love the fact that they have minimal Puma branding and will be the all black shoe in my collection. My brother-in-law has a pair and they are beautiful.

Hussein Chalayan Puma Black Label Haast


Adidas ZX5000

Another range of shoes I was a huge fan of when I was younger were the Adidas Torsion, particularly the ZX5000, ZX7000 and ZX8000. The ZX5000 is the lightest looking of these shoes, and although I have yet to buy a pair, my heart is set on them so I will have them soon enough.

Adidas ZX5000 Response


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