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YABR (Yet Another Blogging Reboot)

It really has been a long time, seems my last post was over 18 months ago on January 21st 2012.  Wow! That was 10 days before a particularly special event in my life, the birth of my daughter, and a whole other ton of stuff has happened since. (more…)

Head In The (Tag) Cloud

Following on from last weekend and the complete change in look and feel for, I decided to have a bit of spring (or rather autumn) clean this weekend. (more…)


The weekend was spent designing a new theme for my blog with the working name Two-Point-Zero. I hope that you like it. (more…)

WordPress 2.6 Upgrade

Exciting news!  I am now running WordPress 2.6! (more…)

Building the pp.c WordPress Theme

I guess the first step in having a blog is having it look right, something which is also a suitable topic for a first post. (more…)