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The World is Flat Again! Thanks to Microsoft?

The mobile user interface has completed a fairly dramatic shift with the release of iOS7 On the desktop we aren’t quite there bit I imagine the changes aren’t going to be that far behind. (more…)

Nokia Lumia 800 – My Take

Before I start, it’s probably worth saying that my phone is an iPhone 4.  In fact, I have two – a 32GB model which I have had since launch day and a 16GB model which I was issued at work in replacement to the BlackBerry handset I just loved to hate. (more…)

Not the three horse race you’d expect

My experience of Nokia phones started with the Nokia 6150 which was released onto T-Mobile (then known as one2one) in a midnight blue colour and was well ahead of it’s time. For a start it was dual-band which meant that once SIM unlocked it could be used on any network in the UK, not that anyone really changed network very often as on-net and off-net calls were charged differently so you were on the network most of your friends were.  It was a solid phone and besides an un-optimal battery design was pretty much perfect including a UI that was well ahead of the single-line UI on other handsets.  It even had games. (more…)

A 27″ Widescreen Perspective On The World

Exciting month as far as computer upgrades go.  Gone are the 20″ E207WFP monitor and MSI GeForce 7600GS graphics card for some new kit. (more…)

My final complaint about iTunes, I promise!

Due to my workflow, and my need for lossless and lossy files depending where I am going to be listening to them, managing a synchronised approach for metadata on my music files is, to be quite frank, an absolute nightmare. (more…)

Another iTunes Gripe: Lossless or Lossy – is it really my choice?

Another post on an iTunes gripe. I bet you’re asking why I use a piece of software I dislike so much. Well, if it wasn’t for the close integration with the iPod, I probably wouldn’t. I know that there are other solutions for syncing an iPod but let’s be honest: none of them come close to the native support offered by iTunes. (more…)

How iTunes Could Be Better

I have a relatively simple question: how do I play all tracks which an artist has featured on as either the main artist or a contributing artist? (more…)

Windows 7

I’ve been using Windows 7 on my home machines for a couple of weeks now. Let’s get things straight, whilst Microsoft’s latest and greatest is clearly an improvement over Windows Vista, it certainly hasn’t turned out to be the smoothest transition for me. (more…)

Panasonic RP-HTX7

Having now spent a couple of days using the Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones, I guess it’s time for a review. (more…)

The Term Is Circumaural

They are called circumaural, which I guess translates roughly to ‘around the ear’ but are typically referred to over-the-ear headphones. (more…)

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