Thinking About the People in Process Automation

I had a very interesting discussion recently that got me thinking about how to execute the move from largely manual workflow engine managed processes to largely/fully automated processes. This topic raises a number of interesting questions about where the human element fits into process design and evolution towards full automation. (more…)

Orchestration Proper

An expression I think is an absolute misnomer is Cloud Orchestration often employed by Cloud Resource Management platform vendors.

Orchestration, in my opinion, is configuration driven process execution which is flexible enough to control anything that has an (electronic) interface of some description as well as drop off into manual/human activities where necessary. Orchestration isn’t, in my opinion, limited, as in most Cloud Resource Management platforms, to a small set of hard coded processes for spinning up virtual machines, configuring a bit of virtualised network or provisioning some storage on a predefined datastore. (more…)

The New Normal – Agile and Architecture

I have had the chance to gain experience of leading a small architecture team working in an “agile” (notice the lower-case ‘a’ here) environment. This experience has had me trying to find the middle ground between two largely conflicting approaches to IT – the waterfall approach I have become accustomed to and the agile approach I found myself in. Over time I have become a big fan of the agile way of working given the satisfaction that seems to be demonstrated by the stakeholders to the progress made compared to what I experienced working in a waterfall environment. (more…)

Auto-generated Code with No Explanation

I have to start this post with a confession – I am a massive fan of Node.js.  Although I am not the biggest fan of the combinations of brackets, braces and semi-colons required to write code for Node.js, I think it is a massively powerful framework for building stuff. (more…)

After Ramadan: the mosque, the night prayer, the lack of attendance

Ramadan is great for a number of reasons including the re-appreciation of food and water and spending the time to reflect on where life is going and what you could be doing better from a spiritual perspective. (more…)

YABR (Yet Another Blogging Reboot)

It really has been a long time, seems my last post was over 18 months ago on January 21st 2012.  Wow! That was 10 days before a particularly special event in my life, the birth of my daughter, and a whole other ton of stuff has happened since. (more…)

Nokia Lumia 800 – My Take

Before I start, it’s probably worth saying that my phone is an iPhone 4.  In fact, I have two – a 32GB model which I have had since launch day and a 16GB model which I was issued at work in replacement to the BlackBerry handset I just loved to hate. (more…)

A first escapade into online grocery shopping

A couple of weeks ago, a trip to Sainsbury’s landed us with a voucher – the kind that you get at checkout to convince you to buy more stuff next time you come in – for £10 off our first online shop. (more…)

Not the three horse race you’d expect

My experience of Nokia phones started with the Nokia 6150 which was released onto T-Mobile (then known as one2one) in a midnight blue colour and was well ahead of it’s time. For a start it was dual-band which meant that once SIM unlocked it could be used on any network in the UK, not that anyone really changed network very often as on-net and off-net calls were charged differently so you were on the network most of your friends were.  It was a solid phone and besides an un-optimal battery design was pretty much perfect including a UI that was well ahead of the single-line UI on other handsets.  It even had games. (more…)

A 27″ Widescreen Perspective On The World

Exciting month as far as computer upgrades go.  Gone are the 20″ E207WFP monitor and MSI GeForce 7600GS graphics card for some new kit. (more…)